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Jim Klar Sensei

Monday 18th saw Jim Klar take the class for a training session. Jim taught for many years at Cleveland Aikikai in Ohio before moving to Taiwan with his family. Jim was on a short break to Worcestershire to visit his wife's family and whenever he is here is happy to take a class.

The session was very interesting - starting with a basic shomen-uchi followed by alternate countering between Nage and Uke e.g. Shomen countered with Kokyu-nage, countered in turn by Kota-Gaeshi, countered by Irimi-Nage and then Sankyo and finally Shiho-Nage.

At the end of the session we presented Jim with one of our Malvern Aikido engraved goblets that he was very pleased to receive.

After class we all went along to The Nag's Head pub to discuss the evening's training countered by many alternative topics.

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