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Malvern Aikido train at Rodway Hall every Monday evening from 2030 - 2200 and currently on the last Wednesday of every month at the same time.
Rodway Hall
Redland Road,
WR14 1LY
Fees: If you arrive at the club as a beginner and would like to have a go at Aikido, you will be given three 'taster' sessions for free. There will be a one-off £5 charge for insurance that covers those three sessions. If you then decide to continue, there will be a further fee of £30 for one year's insurance. After this initial payment, insurance for subsequent years is collected as part of the monthly fee.

Most students prefer to fund their Aikido training by Standing Order. Currently, this is £30 per month of which £3 is put towards the student's annual insurance renewal. There are concessionary fees if applicable and a 'per-session' mat fee of £8 
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