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BAF Spring Course, Malvern

The weekend of 23 April saw the annual BAF Spring Course take place in Malvern for the first time after many years in Chepstow.

Over the weekend there were in excess of 100 people training across the two days.

The first day offered nearly 4 hours of training divided between three teachers. Sensei Ian McClarence, Sensei Ken Marsden and Sensei Steve Parr. The following day saw a similar pattern of teaching from Sensei Don Morgan, Sensei Peter Gillard and Sensei Despina Kyriacou.

All the teaching was varied and interesting and the feedback extremely positive. According to senior members of the BAF the course was one of the most successful for many years and members reflected very positively on the new venue and Malvern itself.

Malvern aikido were honoured to host the event and are hoping to do so in future years.

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